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Real Estate

In today’s often-complicated, expensive real estate market, clients need full, competent legal representation which extends far beyond attending the real estate closing. (the closing is only 1/4 the process). Attorney David M. Lunny has a wealth of experience in all phases of real estate law that goes far beyond the typical real estate conveyancer. Attorney Lunny is a licensed General Contractor (builder), licensed Real Estate Broker (over 30 years) and was a Real Estate Appraiser (over 10 years). 

Whether you are a Buyer or Seller of Real Estate, (commercial or residential), you need an experienced attorney to represent you in all phases of the real estate transaction; from reviewing the real estate broker listing agreement, drafting the Purchase and Sale Agreement, reviewing the Home Inspection Report (for errors of the inspector, construction defects in the property) to the real estate closing and post-closing real estate tax planning, Attorney Lunny is the only representative you need throughout your entire real estate transaction.

(David M. Lunny, Esq. – also licensed real estate broker, licensed construction supervisor, real estate appraiser)

Turnkey Divorce Mediation Services

My firm will handle all matters required for an uncontested divorce including in-office mediations/consultations with spouses, negotiating a fair settlement agreement, drafting the separation/divorce agreement for Court approval, financial statements, child support agreements and co-parenting plans.  It takes a licensed attorney with full knowledge of divorce and family law with mediation training to walk you through the divorce process.

(David M Lunny, Esq. – licensed attorney – family law practitioner, trainer divorce mediator)

Personal Injury

Allow our 17 year of handling personal injury claims to work for you; often time we keep less of your settlement by a sliding scale contingent fee agreement reducing our legal fees and increasing your net settlement amount.

Estate Planning

My firm integrates our expertise in financial/tax planning with our legal experience giving you not only competent estate planning legal advice but also financial planning and tax planning advice to reduce estate taxes and costs.

Financial/Tax Planning

My firm provides fee-only, unbiased, objective financial planning and tax planning advice.  Don’t accept financial advice from a firm that is paid commissions on its sales of financial products.  My firm “sells” no financial products and refuse to be paid commissions.  My sole concern is providing you with independent, comprehensive financial advice that suites your needs and goals.

(David M. Lunny, Exp. – also registered investment advisor, certified mutual fund specialist)

Business Law

My office handles all legal and financial aspects of your business to improve the chances of your success including drafting the initial business entity documents, filing the proper State, Federal forms, providing business tax panning/ financial planning advice.

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